Our Projects


TWB’s projects will focus on empowering and improving the lives of the locals in remote mountain regions worldwide.

Supporting a local school in Kande Village in Pakistan

Thus far, we are in the process of initiating a Kickstarter campaign for a local school in the Kande village near K2.  Further details on how to support this project will be provided.

Nepal’s Great Himalaya Trail (GHT): Mountains and Village Stories

Gokyo Lakes atop Gokyo Ri.

A long-term project is to launch a trekking trip in Nepal to support and advocate for the remote villages along the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT).  This will encompass producing a written publication and a documentary film that will focus on the daily lives and the varied ethnic groups along the GHT while promoting tourism in these regions of the world.

As we forge ahead with TWB, we will be adding other projects to include working with other non-profit organizations that promote trekking, local tourism, and social changes in underrepresented mountain villages globally.

Support a Trekker Project

Do you have dreams of quitting your job to go on a unique trekking trip?  Do you wish to trek a remote trail that no one has heard of?  Are you a blogger or a writer who wish to go on an adventure and share your experiences with others?  Or do you wish to produce a video or any other forms of media that will promote the lesser known trails or your unique adventure?   Part of our mission is to assist individuals in achieving their dreams towards their version of “freedom” on the mountain trails while promoting lesser known trekking regions globally.  Please contact TWB to discuss possible collaboration.

Trekkers heading towards Roraima in Venezuela.


The  Philippines’ Future Long Distance Trail: Cordillera Great Traverse (CGT)

TWB will be sponsoring the work and effort in the building and promotion of the Philippines’ long distance trail, Cordillera Great Traverse.  The project aims to promote sustainable tourism and bring income to the locals in the mountain regions of northern Philippines.  The area is rich in history and culture which will be further showcased via the creation of CGT.


“The Cordillera Great Traverse (CGT) 2015 is an expedition which aims to establish the longest, most scenic and sustainable hiking/trekking destination in the Philippines by connecting The six provinces of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).
The Cordillera Great Traverse shall be passing through Apayao, Abra, Kalinga, Mountain Province, Ifugao, Benguet and finally to Baguio City, around 400 kilometers in distance with xxx thousand meters of elevation gain and loss through the mountain passes, forests, rivers, waterfalls, rice terraces, villages, and ancient and historical trails. It shall pass through and highlight scenic route and major tourist attractions and will present hikers/trekkers, both local and foreign, the natural beauty of the Phillippine Cordillera mountains rivaling some of the best trekking destinations in the world like the Appalachian Trail (3,500km, USA), the Great North Walk (250km, Australia), Drakensberg (220km, South Africa) and GR20 (180km Europe).
CGT operates under the organization Philippine Trail Conservation and Events, Inc. (PhilTrace)”

See more information via the CGT website.

If you have social projects that falls within TWB’s mission, please contact us!  Thanks.